• “Having used other well-known industry software systems, Meridian is the easiest to use – widely recognised in the industry”
    Pearl & Coutts
  • “Meridian stands out because of its constant development path - there’s an in-house team who CBRE can discuss and work closely with”
  • “Meridian is much more mature and capable than other systems.”
    Cushman & Wakefield

Online Software ‘Meridian’

Meridian is William Martin Compliance Solutions’ web-based property risk management system. It enables our clients to have total visibility of all of the compliance risks across their portfolios of owned or managed buildings, and allows them to pro-actively manage, monitor & control these.

Core functionality includes:

bullet management information – all compliance activity is transparently reported, real-time, in high level dashboard views, one click intelligent management reporting or detailed views in customisable data grids
bullet data management – a smart, efficient and easy to use data management system, enabling users to input, store, access and effectively disseminate huge volumes of data and risk management information in one secure place
bullet event and action tracking – core functionality stores and tracks all periodic and non-periodic events – including inspections, risk assessments, audits and certifications. Resulting remedial actions and tasks can be tracked through to completion with integrated prioritised action management

Meridian is therefore a valuable facilitating system for ensuring legal compliance, minimising risk, optimising efficiency in administration, operational and management practices and hence promoting cost savings across the business.

Why Meridian?

bullet Customised delivery – enhancement of existing or development of  new functionality to suit the individual business requirements of our clients
bullet In-house software team – ensures rapid development and delivery of new features and enhancements
bullet Interfacing with external systems – allows seamless data integration and minimises duplication of recording: insurance inspection, FM, helpdesk, maintenance software
bullet Inspection forms – efficient and consistent collection of routine property inspection information by your internal team
bullet Intelligent management reports – set up specifically for each client- Word and Excel formatted documents – board, benchmarking, performance, trending
bullet Helpdesk – immediate guidance and support for all queries
bullet Ease of access – via laptop, PC, Tablet or Smartphone
bullet Ease of navigation –user friendly fast and efficient navigation
bullet Robust business continuity system – safe, secure and protected: no downtime
bullet Proven track record – see statistics and sample clients

Key Features:

bullet ‘dashboard’ of compliance – configurable and dynamic
bullet customised management reports – executive and operational
bullet document upload and storage – including photographs, schematics, certificates
bullet event tracking- periodic assessments, audits, inspections
bullet action management – against prioritised action plans
bullet tracking of inspections for individual plant items
bullet compliance benchmarking – against specific KPIs
bullet performance monitoring -group, regional, client, portfolio, staff
bullet date-stamped audit trail and due diligence archive
bullet email escalations, notifications and alerts
bullet controlled access and authorisations for staff and third party partners
bullet ability to export data to Excel in a single click
bullet integrated modules
bullet accident and incident reporting
bullet contractor management
bullet e-permits
bullet inspection forms
bullet environmental monitoring
bullet ISO compliance tracking

If you require Meridian support, please contact meridian@william-martin.net